Monday, March 4, 2013

Vendange Sweet Pink Moscato

I went into my local grocery store to get some coffee when I happened to notice that they were having a 30% off sale on all of their wine. I was on a 30 minute break from work, so I quickly ran around and picked up 2 bottles. This was one of them.

Winemaker's Description: "Vendange's passion is to craft wines for everyday enjoyment - our sweet Pink Moscato has fresh, fruity aromas with layers of raspberry, blueberry, and slight peach undertones."

Overall Impression
For a cheap bottle of wine (~$5 for a magnum, with the discount), it was tasty and well worth it.  It was not terribly sweet, so its easy to have a second glass. It also has a low alcohol content (6.5%) so you can have a couple glasses without getting too intoxicated.  This was not my favorite wine by any means, and I would not rush to the store for seconds any time soon.  However, if I was in the mood for a cheap, sweet wine (which doesn't happen all too often), I wouldn't mind giving this a second try.

Nutritional Info on Bottle
  • 160 calories per 240 mL
  • 14g of sugar
Alcohol by Volume: 6.5%

I want to describe it as baby pink, with a hint of gold.

Light and floral, with an almost citrus air to it, especially when swirled.

Very thin; no legs.

Light and sweet, but not too sweet. I tasted an almost buttery finish, with an initial taste of pear, peach, and maybe strawberry.

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