Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oreana Project Happiness Chardonnay (2011)

Winemaker's Description: "Finally, somebody put it in a bottle. Happiness. Sure took a while, though.  Seeking happiness? what makes happiness? We winemakers pondered this one afternoon in the Cellar. Marriage? Kids? Satellite TV? Get your boss fired. Remember the 1950s, try to forget the 1980s.  Wear searsucker at least once.  Adopt a dog? Maybe a cat. Perhaps you're more the box turtle type?  As bold supports of the mischief that ensues upon opening a bottle, we pose the question to you and hope that in the end, you at least believe in the satisfaction of an empty bottle... What makes you happy?"

Overall Impression
This was a very light and refreshing wine, and it was incredibly easy to finish off the bottle.  There wasn't anything notable about this wine, it was somewhat plain, but it was tasty nonetheless.  If you're into Chardonnay, or just want something light to drink, I would recommend it! We got this bottle for about $5 at Trader Joe's, and it was well worth it.

Alcohol by Volume: 13.8%

Almost neon, bright yellow. Very clear.

Very light aroma of a typical Chardonnay, nothing too noticeable.

Thin, medium legs.

Light flavor, it would be a refreshing wine on a warm summer's day. Not particularly creamy, but not all that sharp either.  Easy to drink.

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