Monday, May 6, 2013

Costa De Oro Tasting Room, Santa Maria

We were staying at the Santa Maria Inn and this tasting room happened to be right off the freeway on our exit. We decided to check it out before checking into our hotel, and we are glad we did! The pourer was incredibly friendly and generous and seemed to know a lot of the customers who were already there.  A couple of them were pourers at other tasting rooms and we got a lot of great tips on where to go and what to try.

On Friday nights they also hold an event with live music and wine by the glass or bottle.  While we were still deciding on which wine to try, the pourer let us have a few tastes on the house and the winemaker even came over to give his recommendations! All in all it was a very fun experience and I'd recommend visiting if you get the chance. 

The wines here were great, and it was $10 for a tasting of $6 wines.

Pinot Noir (2010), $29: "Wild raspberry, potpourri with a rich palate of berry and herb flavors.  Gold Medal ~ Central Coast Wine Competition."
  • Color - deep burgundy with a tinge of brown.
  • Aroma - very aromatic with notes of bright raspberry.
  • Taste - herby, earthy and fruit forward; explosive flavors.
  • Overall - This has a very unique flavor and is very tasty.  It was bold yet well-balanced; a great pinot!
Estate Pinot Noir (2011), $35: "Dark berry and floral notes with a cola, earth and rich finish. Gold Medal ~ Central Coast Wine Competition."
  • Color - deep burgundy.
  • Aroma - bright and fruity with some floral notes.
  • Taste - earthy, smooth, medium bodied, with a balanced fruitiness.
  • Overall - This was my favorite on the list! A great and well-balanced Pinot worth trying.
Reserve Pinot Noir (2010)
  • Color - deep burgundy.
  • Aroma - sweet and bold fruit with raspberry and strawberry.
  • Taste - herby and earthy on the front with a smooth finish.  Medium bodied.
  • Overall - I preferred the other Pinots because it was a little too earthy for my taste, but it was still very good.
Mourvedre (2011), $35: "Black cherry, leather and earth with a firm finish of berries and spice."
  • Color - bright garnets, very pretty reds.
  • Aroma - fruity and aromatic.
  • Taste - medium bodied, earthy with cherry notes (opens up beautifully with chocolate!)
  • Overall - Very tasty with some great flavors; definitely have some chocolate with this one.

Pinot Noir Dijon Selection (2009)
  • Color - bright garnet.
  • Aroma - lovely fruit aromatics, especially raspberry and strawberry.
  • Taste - crisp front with a fruity finish.
  • Overall - This was very pleasant and smooth, but on the lighter side for a Pinot.
GSM (2011), $35: "Raspberry, red licorice and lavender with a long, lingering finish.  50% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 20% Mourvedre."
  • Color - bright garnets.
  • Aroma - floral and raspberry.
  • Taste - semi fruity and full bodied.
  • Overall - A little less smooth than the others but not detrimentally.
Cabernet Sauvignon (2011), $35: "Plum, berry, anise and leather with a smooth but firm finish."
  • Color - deep burgundy.
  • Aroma - very lovely fruity aromatics.
  • Taste - leather, black cherry, plum; complex.
  • Overall - This was much heavier than any of their other wines but well-balanced.  It was very pleasant to drink!

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